BTRF8 ~ BUTTERFLY 8 ~ Crafty Ann Die

Product code: CA


Size: 4 3/8" × 2 5/8 " (110mm × 66mm)


Please, watch the video of this product and read the recommendation of how to work with our Dies. This die guaranteed to work properly in most table-top machines, like: BigShot™, Cuttlebug™, Excaliber™, Vagabond™, ect.


Because of very intricate, busy design of our products, we recommend to follow these simple advice while working with dies:

1 Do not “overshim the sandwich”. Always use the minimum possible shims. When you “overshim the sandwich”, the paper is indented in the tiny caverns of the metal die and is difficult to remove.

2 Do not “overrun the sandwich”, try to run just one time and check design for cutting. If some areas still undercut, rotate “the sandwich” at different angle and run again.

3 Do not use any other materials for shimming except the paper sheets. 


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Product Code CA